Who are we

Trading name:



Year of operation:

Officially put into operation from 2011

HR source:

Employee: 30 people

Workers: 80 people

Company information:

Address of tax registration: 13/1/2 Tan Quy, Tan Quy Ward, Tan Phu District.

Office address: 69 Tran Quoc Tuan, Ward 1, Go Vap District

Factory address: 69 TL49 St., Thanh Loc Ward, Dist. 12, HCMC

Business lines:

Showroom Interior Design

Construction of Showroom Interior

About the company:

QDC is specialized in designing and building showroom. We have experience in building showroom with many different styles:Device – Accessories Showroom, Industrial Product Showroom, Fashion – Jewelry Showroom, Consumer Goods – Wine Showroom, etc…. Please take a look at the actual design and construction images that we have taken to know more about our company’s capabilities.

QDC receives design and quotation for total construction package:

  • Rough part: Dismantle the site, tiles construction, wall tiling, gypsum ceiling, paint, etc. …
    • Interior part: Restaurant tables and chairs, decorative wall shelves, stainless steel kitchen systems, etc. …
    • Water and information system: construction of electricity, water, internet, audio, camera, advertising signs, etc. …

Please call 0909 660 786 (Mr. Dat) for quick advice.