Long Hau IP Showroom

Location: Hamlet 3, Long Hau Commune, Can Giuoc District, Long An Province

Investor: Long Hau Corporation (LHC)

QDC has designed and constructed for full-package.

Completion time: November 2016


The purpose of showroom is in order to increase sales opportunities for investor (Long Hau Industrial Park) with the request to be able to show the history of formation of Industrial Park – the stages of development – the gained achievements – The customers have invested in industrial park (lease and purchase of land) – The products of these customers – There is also consulting space for customer (2 areas: standing with the purpose of presentation for large group of customers and consultancy-sitting desk with small amount of customers).

QDC’s Design Team has been very successful in persuading such a discerning investor like this. Get green as the main color (brand color of Long Hau IP), the designer has taken customers with the flow of emotions, helping customers to have faster investment decisions due to understand easily core values of Long Hau Industrial Park.

QDC has involved in the design and full-package construction from the stage of renovating premises, ceiling systems, decorative shelves to electrical systems, information… and other loose furniture.

Construction time: 02 months.

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